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Just whisper the words “camp” or “Ms. Sally” and Barley’s ears perk up and he runs to wait by the door! He LOVES the staff and the time he spends at Fantana Farm. We spend a lot of weekends out of town, and I never worry about Barley when we’re away because I know he’s on a little vacation of his own at Fantana Farm. Barley has stayed with other kennels in the past, but seldom been cared for with the same personal attention and affection as at Fantana Farm.

I’m thankful for the peace of mind they provide.

Sheila Roberts
My wife and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Fantana Farm team for giving our dog Chai a home away from home. We looked at several kennels in the area before deciding on Fantana Farms.

We are extremely happy with our decision to board Chai at Fantana Farms. Your team’s service is always professional and courteous. Sally and Danielle are always committed to providing the best possible love and care for our dog.

Keep up the great work!

Charles and Alice Maitland
When I first brought Katie and Abby, I was a little worried about my Katie. She has always had problems with socialization…..people and other dogs. But NOT now! After her stay with Fantana, she is a different little girl!

They really took a lot of time with her and I really appreciate it. My mom took her dogs there too and had the same GREAT experience, so we are both sold.

I can’t say enough good things about Fantana.

Kim Dickerson
Charlie, Katie and Bob LOVE the “farm” as we call it. Plenty of exercise, play time and meeting new friends makes our babies happy and content. You should see them after we pick them up…they all come home and pass out! And the next day, they’re ready to go back!

Whether it’s a vacation, a weekend or just a day away, Fanatana Farm is now our only choice to board — Thank you Sally and your top notch team for giving us peace of mind — that our kids are in professional, safe and loving hands.

Buddy and Michael
As Fantana’s first client, my Molly has always been a favorite of theirs. But the feeling is mutual. Molly loves them too…..a lot! So much so that when I pull into their driveway she gets all excited and then when I pick her up, she mopes for days missing all the fun. Fantana is a very special place.
Magda Crandall

Lexie is a very energetic German Shepherd, and needs lots of action and play. I’ve been bringing her to Fantana Farm at least three times a month for over two years – and now Lexie is so eager to play with her “friends” that she gets excited as soon as we turn onto Ellis Trail!

Julia (Lexie’s “mama”)

When I bring Heidi to Fantana Farms, I don’t worry about her at all! Most of all I don’t feel guilty that I am going on vacation and she is left at a kennel. She is taken care of so well and gets all the excercise and love that she needs.

My only worry is that one of these times she is going to forget we exist and not want to come back home!

Dana Martin

Always, before Fantana, my wife and I were reluctant to spend time away from home because of our Gracie. Our kids are grown, so Gracie is our only baby at home and her care is everything to us. But now, Fantana has changed all that. We can comfortably leave if we’d like and know that Gracie will be very happy at “the spa” while we are away.

Actually, our concern now is will she want to come back home?

Tom Hudgens

Gus and Bear both understand (only TOO well) just who “Miss Sally” is- even more than they understand “COOKIES”! Only problem (!?!?!?!?!?) is that they want to sleep for two days when they get home! Best in class? Fantana is in a class of their own! We have found nothing that even comes close!

Thanks guys!

Jeff and Jessica Rutherford