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About Fantana

Fantana Farm and Kennel is a privately owned and operated dog boarding destination in Covington, Ga. We serve all of Metro Atlanta and neighboring communities. Located on 12 acres of rolling countryside, we offer plenty of room for your dogs to stretch their legs and play during their vacation.

Just like people, no two dogs are exactly alike. So, at Fantana Farm and Kennel, we take a "you-be-you" approach with your dog and their lodging experience. Are they a rough and tumble hound who enjoys the company of other dogs? Great! We'll try to pair them with a buddy. Is a one-on-one game of fetch more their jam? We’re happy to oblige! Maybe they’re a bit "bougie" and would prefer relaxing with staff in the air conditioned office? No matter what your pet's personality, activity level and preference, we do our best to accommodate it!

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Daily boarding Rates

1st dog 30.00 per day

2nd dog 25.00 per day

3rd and subsequent dogs 20.00 Per day

Double Runs

We have 2 double runs that are perfect for fur families up to 3 who want to stay together, (or anyone who just wants a little extra space). These are an additional charge of 15.00 per day(not per dog).

  • Our rates are per day and apply whether your dogs can stay together or not.
  • The daily rate applies beginning with your drop off day.
  • The daily rate does not apply to pick up days if picked up during morning pick up hours.
  • Sundays are always charged as a day.
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Other Charges


5.00 per dog per day

Departure Baths

Small 25.00, Medium 35.00, Large 40.00

Kennel provided food- 5.00 per dog per day

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Required Vaccines

We require proof from a veterinarian that the

following vaccines are current for the entire duration of your dogs stay:




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Drop off and Pick up


  • Drop off hours are from 8:00-10:30 every day except Sunday.
  • We do not have any Sunday or afternoon drop off hours.
  • Morning Pick up hours are from 8:00-10:30 every day (except Sunday)
  • We do not have any Sunday morning pick up hours.
  • Afternoon pick ups are from 3:00-5:30 every day.
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What to Bring

We are happy to provide everything your dog needs for a comfortable stay!

Cot beds, food bowls, blankets and treats. We’ve got you covered!

The only thing you really need to pack is their food.

When you pack their food please note:

  • Provide food in an airtight container or Ziploc baggies (It doesn’t need to be portioned by meal...but we do appreciate that!)
  • Include specific feeding instructions
  • We are able to refrigerate fresh and canned food
  • Please send only the appropriate amount of food for your dog’s stay(a little extra just in case is ok!). We get grumpy when we have to haul 50lb bags of food around for a two day stay!
  • There is a 5.00 per dog, per day, charge for kennel provided food.

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too early!

Or Email the following information to

Dog’s Name


Approximate weight

Spay neuter status (unneutered males will be accepted

on a case by case basis)

Dates requested

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We are pleased to have Juan Mendez, Owner of Canine Champs dog training as part of our full-time team at Fantana.

For information about private and group training, and to schedule an evaluation,

please contact Juan at Canine Champs or


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Because Good Clean fun

isn’t always clean....

We recommend


a departure bath!

Bath prices range from $25-$40 based on size

There are exciting things coming to our grooming offerings so please check back!

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We charge 5.00 per day, per dog to administer medications. Please note the following when you pack their meds:

Include the original prescription containers clearly labeled with dosage instructions.

Instructions on how your pet best takes the meds (ie: in Pill Pockets, Peanut butter, wet food etc.).

Do not put pills or supplements in food.

We only administer oral and topical medications.

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Why Fantana?

Because your dog deserves this!


Here are a few snippets from our nearly ALL 5 star Google reviews:

I was in a bind and needed last minute boarding for my dog. They have a beautiful farm and facility where dogs have space to run and play. They took great care of my dog and I could tell he had fun! I will use them again!

My dogs stayed with them the last time we went on a weeks vacation. They treated them like family. We saw a big difference in the last places they stayed at. It’s like handing your pets over to a family friend.

My dog has a lot of anxiety and the staff at Fantana are very caring and patient with her. I trust them to keep her safe and know she doesn't miss out on affection and fun when I am not there. A big thank you Fantana staff.

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Fantana Farm

& Kennel

180 Ellis Trail

Covington, Ga 30016